Why are mail merge fields not showing the right font or style?

We recommend making style (formatting, font, color) changes after adding your mail merge tokens (i.e. the fields surrounded by brackets, e.g. {{Name}} ).

The reason is that when tokens are inserted via the plugin dropdown menu the styling is set to the Outlook default even if the preceeding text is formatted differently. This is a limitation of Outlook that we cannot work around yet.

(Note: This is not the case if you type your token into the email yourself manually including the brackets).

If you do want to add the token via plugin simply highlight the body of text (with the token) and select the styling options you'd like them to have.

Before adding:


After adding from the drop down menu it will look something like this:

Hello {{Name}}

Then simply select the whole text and apply the formatting to get the following result:

Hello {{Name}}

In any case, it's strongly recommended to preview your campaign using the link in the plugin to confirm the formatting is as expected.

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