Campaign Status - What does it mean?

In your campaign dashboard you can view the status of each campaign. The possible status values are:

Campaign created, but not sent yet

You started a campaign in Outlook by uploading a spreadsheet, but our systems have not received the email yet.

In order to send a campaign you first create a new email, upload the campaign data and then compose your email by adding the subject, body and any personalization tokens. After you have uploaded your data the campaign is created and the To field of your email changes to "MailMerge365 campaign". Each campaign has a unique email address. When you send that email our servers receive the email and start generating your campaign.

If you have sent the email but the status on your dashboard does not change, try the following:

  • Check your Inbox (also the tab marked "Other") or Junk Folder for any error messages from MailMerge365 or Microsoft 365?
  • Check in your Sent Items folder in Outlook for the email you just sent.
  • Did you change the To field by accident and removed the Campaign email address (ends with
  • Are you online? Is your Outlook experiencing connectivity issues?

Emails are being generated

MailMerge365 has received your campaign email and is currently generating the emails to each recipient.

The amount of time your campaign stays in this campaigns depends on different factors:

  • Number of recipients
  • Type of campaign email (number of attachments, number of links)
  • How many campaigns you are currently sending (all campaigns on a single account are processed sequentially) 
  • Current load on our systems

If your campaign has not changed status within one hour of sending, contact support.

Emails sending scheduled

MailMerge365 has generated your campaign emails but due to account limits the sending has been scheduled to start in the future.

Emails sending in progress

MailMerge365 has generated your campaign emails and is currently sending them out.

The speed of sending depends on different factors:

  • How many campaigns you are currently sending (all campaign emails on a single account are processed sequentially)
  • Any throttling Microsoft may be imposing on your account due to excessive use
  • Current load on our systems.

Emails have been sent

MailMerge365 has sent all your campaign emails successfully.

Emails sent, but with errors

MailMerge365 has sent your campaign emails but encountered an error for at least one of them.

Click on the campaign to see the campaign report and look for errors. Usually this is an email address that was malformed. If you are unsure why an email could not be processed contact support.

Emails could not be sent

MailMerge365 could not send your campaign emails. 

This is most often when a permission setting was changed in your Microsoft 365 tenant. Try signing-out and signing-back in to to renew the permissions. If the issue persists contact support.

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