How do I buy / purchase MailMerge365 and how much does it cost? What is the price in EUR or USD?

Types of Licenses

We offer two types of licenses:

  • Pay-as-you-go: you buy a set of credits (1 credits is 1 email send to a campaign recipient) and this is best for occasional use.
  • Subscription: let's you send up to 5000 emails per day but you must adhere to Microsoft's service agreement (see specifically "3. Code of Conduct"). Excessive use of the daily limit will most probably put you on the radar of Microsoft's security team to check for adherence to the service agreement.

How to buy?

To purchase either license go to your account upgrade page here:

You can then choose the type of license and pay via credit card. 

Payment's are handled via our payment provider PADDLE, which you will also see on your credit card transaction text including a link to our dedicated billing link, To avoid billing discrepancies which lead to disabling of your account please instruct your billing department to expect the transaction and forward them the invoice you will receive from Paddle indicating the amount and date of purahase.

Pricing in EUR / USD

Note: We are a European company so our prices are in EUR. If you purchase and your local currency is not EUR the price will automatically be converted to your local currency on checkout (and on renewal) using the daily conversion rate.

Company / Team Licenses

We can provide custom annual company licenses that cover your whole company (all users can use MailMerge365) and make sense if you have at least 10 accounts. 

If you'd like to discuss please send us estimated number of emails you would like to send per year to and we will create an offer for you.

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