Why is the signature on my campaigns doubled (added twice)?

If your signature is appearing twice on your campaign mails then the signature is being added by your organisation on the mail server when you send.

What's happening?

  • Our servers receive your template email that you send in Outlook.
  • Your organisation has specified that all outgoing email receive a signature, so it is added on the way to our servers.
  • Our servers see the campaign template with the signature and generate a copy for each campaign recipient.
  • These emails are sent via your organisation's mail server again and then another signature is added because the software doesn't recognize that there is already a signature embedded.

How do I solve it?

You have two options:

  1. The simplest options is to ask your IT to whitelist (or ignore) emails to @campaign.mailmerge365.com and not add signature to those. In those cases only the generated emails will receive one signature.
  2. The other option is to ask the vendor adding the signature to implement a feature to detect the existing signature and no double the signature (this is what best practice signature solutions do and also avoid long tails of multiple signatures when you go back and forth on email conversations). In our experience thought some vendors can be hesitant to add features, so your best bet might be options 1.
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