1. Setting up your MailMerge365 account

Prerequisite: The only requirement to use MailMerge365 is an active account and mailbox with a "Microsoft 365 Business" Subscription. You need to have permission to install plugins and provide permission to your mailbox which is usually the case unless your organisation's administrator has restricted this. If you encounter an issue explaining you don't have enough rights, get in touch with your organisation IT administrator and forward them your request to install MailMerge365.

Step 1: Install the plugin from the Add-Ins/Office Store

If you have multiple accounts installed in your Outlook Client, you must make sure the correct account is selected before performing these steps. If you run into any problems it can be easier to follow the "Outlook on the Web" (right column below) instructions which require you log-in as the specific account you want to use for MailMerge365. Once installed you can return to any Outlook client you'd like to send campaigns.

Installing the plugin for the Web version of Outlook automatically installs it for all your Outlook clients (Windows & Mac) too (and vice versa).

For Outlook Clients (Windows & Mac)
  • click on the Get Add-Ins button in the menu

For Outlook on the Web visit https://outlook.office.com/
  • Login with your account and then click the button for "New Message".
  • This will popup the new mail compose and at the bottom you will find a three dot menu.
  • Click that and find the menu item "Get Add-Ins"

Step 2: This will open up the Office Add-In Store where you can search for MailMerge365.

Step 3: You may be presented with a search result of the details page. In both cases simply click "Add" to add it to your account.

Step 4: Then you follow the instructions on screen to get you setup and authenticated. 

Next, have a look at the guide to setting up your first mail merge campaign with MailMerge365.

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