1. Setting up your MailMerge365 account

Prerequisite: The only requirement to use MailMerge365 is an active account and mailbox with a "Microsoft 365 Business" Subscription. You need to have permission to install plugins and provide permission to your mailbox which is usually the case unless your organisation's administrator has restricted this. If you encounter an issue explaining you don't have enough rights, get in touch with your organisation IT administrator and forward them your request to install MailMerge365.

Step 1: Go to https://mailmerge365.com/start and press the "Sign up" button.

You will be redirected to Microsoft 365 Login. There you sign-in with your Microsoft 365 account. Use the account you'd like to send your email campaigns from. You'll be asked to give MailMerge365 permissions to your Office365 account.

Afterwards you'll be redirected back to MailMerge365 and the successful connection will be displayed.

Step 2: Install the MailMerge365 plugin from the Microsoft Office Store.

Visit the Office Store page for the MailMerge365 plugin (or click the link on the MailMerge365 page) and install the MailMerge365 plugin. You will be asked to give MailMerge365 permissions to your Office365 account. When completed you can access the MailMerge365 plugin using the Outlook Client on your Desktop (you may have to restart Outlook), Outlook on the Web (both the old and new versions). 

Next, have a look at the guide to setting up your first mail merge campaign with MailMerge365.

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