What activities does MailMerge365 perform on your account and what permissions are needed?

When you sign-up you will be asked to provide MailMerge365 permissions to your "Microsoft 365" (aka Office365). These are required for MailMerge365 to function and the following describes what we use them for:

  • MailMerge365 sends emails using your "Microsoft 365" (aka Office365) mailbox: When a campaign is sent, you send the email to a MailMerge365 server. For each recipient in your spreadsheet a copy of that e-mail is made, the tokens are replaced with values from the spreadsheet and then sent to "Microsoft 365". The servers included in your "Microsoft 365" subscription will send them to the recipient. Permission required: writing to your mailbox.
  • MailMerge365 creates a folder called "MailMerge365 Bounces" and an inbox rule by the same name: In order to detect bounces automatically the inbox rule will check for bounced emails (emails that could not be delivered, e.g. the email address was mis-typed or the email address does not exist anymore) and move them to the "MailMerge365 Bounces" folder. The MailMerge365 servers will periodically check your "Microsoft 365" mailbox and process the emails in this folder. Only if a bounce has been successfully matched to one of your campaigns it is moved to your "Deleted Items" folder. Permission required: reading your mailbox.
  • MailMerge365 uses your "Microsoft 365" account profile information (e.g. name, company, email address) to create your MailMerge365 account. There is no separate login for MailMerge365, you will always login with your "Microsoft 365 Business" account to use MailMerge365. Permission required: access to mailbox metadata/account profile.
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