How can I test MailMerge365 with temporary test email addresses?

MailMerge365 will not let you use the same email address twice in your campaign data. For testing purposes we recommend two approaches:

Option 1: Use a Gmail address

With Gmail it is possible to create an infinite mount of valid email addresses that all deliver into your Gmail account.

If you have an email address such as then you can add a plus sign and a random word or number before the @ sign (e.g. or and they emails sent to these addresses will appear in the Gmail inbox of

So for testing MailMerge365 you could create an Excel file containing email addresses like this:


Option 2: Use temporary email providers

There are multiple websites that provide temporary email addresses for testing purposes. Please be aware though that any email address sent to these could possibly be read by a third party, so don't send any sensitive information to these.

Some examples are:

  • If you visit the website you will automatically get assigned a temporary email address.
  • As soon as you visit the website your temporary email address is displayed at the top.
  • You can type any word into the "Check Any Inbox!" field and you will get access to the temporary email address comprised of the word you chose and the domain

MailMerge365 supports these temporary email addresses. 

You can open each of these services in a new tab or browser window, add them to your Excel file and when you send your campaign check the delivery in each window.

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