Why is the MailMerge365 plugin not starting and just showing a spinner?

MailMerge365 is tested on many browser platforms and works fine most of the time, but sometimes an issue can cause the plugin to not load correctly or not load at all. Check the following list for possible causes:

1. Your firewall or your organisation's firewall may be blocking access to MailMerge365 servers

You can test this by visiting the MailMerge365 application directly. If the page displays an error, please consult your firewall or organisation's IT team to figure out how to whitelist the MailMerge365 domains.

2. A browser plugin is blocking access to the MailMerge365 domains

If you are using ad, privacy or other types of blocker plugins in your browsers, this may influence the functionality of MailMerge365. Known examples of such blockers are:

  • Privacy Badger: open the plugin menu, search for mailmerge365.com domains and switch them to "green" or select "Disable Privacy Badger for this site" while you're on the Microsoft 365 (aka Office365) website.

3. Browser settings 

Depending on how you've set up your browser this may be impacting MailMerge365. Approaches to test if this is the case is to try with a different browser, start your browser in incognito or private browsing mode, start the browser with default settings and try starting MailMerge365 again. If you do not encounter the issue anymore, then check your original browser settings.

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