Why is MailMerge365 not replacing my links or why are they being replaced by strange looking links?

Click tracking enabled

First of all make sure you have "Click tracking enabled" in your campaign settings. Only then will MailMerge365 attempt to replace links with tracking links.

Only web links

MailMerge365 will only replace http and https links, not tel, skype, mailto (email) links.

No masquerading

When you are writing emails ensure that the URL is not visible to the recipient. This is most often an issue with signatures.

Example for when the URL is visible:

Please book an appointment with me in my scheduling tool: http://example.com

Example for when the URL is NOT visible (better):

Please book an appointment with me in my scheduling tool.


By default the link text "http:// example.com" will also point to the website "http:// example.com".

Unfortunately a lot of phishing emails use a masquerading technique so that "http:// goodsite.com" actually points to "http:// badsite.com" in an attempt to trick the recipient into clicking on this link and providing sensitive information.

Many Virus, Spam and Phishing detection algorithms will flag an email where the text looks like a URL but then points to a completely different link. In order to not allow emails to be flagged MailMerge365 will replace the link text with the actual tracking link.

So "http:// example.com" turns into http:// alink.re/l/XYZ

If instead the text does not look like a URL like in the second example above, then simply the link it points to is replaced with the corresponding tracking links and the recipient doesn't see the tracked link.

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