Why has my campaign has sent less emails than expected or than I uploaded?

The number of recipients the system has registered for each campaign is listed under the campaign name on your campaign dashboard

If this number corresponds to the number of recipients you uploaded, then the campaign may still be processing. Depending on the amount of emails being sent currently this may take a while.

But if this number does not correspond to what you expected, here are a few tips to help you figure out why:

  • If you are using an Excel file
    • Ensure your Excel file does not contain any filters (active or inactive).
    • Ensure your Excel file does not contain any rows where the email column is empty (this will halt the processing).
  • If you are using a CSV file
    • Processing of emails stops as soon as an empty line is found. So if your CSV is split into multiple parts separated by a line, remove those lines and re-upload the file into a new campaign.

In both cases you once the campaign is sent, no more emails can be sent for that campaign, so you can create a new one campaign, remove the recipients that have already been sent and send it.

To prevent mistakes like these in future or check for other problems we suggest using the "Preview" link available in the MailMerge365 add-in to check for unexpected results before the campaign is sent.

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