What kind of spreadsheets or campaign data formats does MailMerge365 support?

You can upload a number of spreadsheet file types:

  • CSV (comma separated values, also supports semi-colon separated values)
  • XLS (Excel 97 Format)
  • XLSX (Current Excel Format)
  • TXT (Plain text files of email addresses)

For spreadsheets note that: 

  • the first row should contain all your headers which will then be used for personalization
  • there must be a column called "Email" with your recipient's email addresses
  • per campaign you can upload a maximum of 5.000 rows
  • be sure not to have any empty email cells as this will stop the processing at that point

In addition to uploading a file you can:

  • Type (or paste a list of email addresses or CSV data) into the plugin directly. This will be processed in the same fashion as a TXT or CSV file.
  • Use the list of email addresses that are in the "To" field of the email you are using as a campaign template.

After uploading you can click on the preview campaign link in the plugin to see what your email will look like with your uploaded data. You can also browse through the data that MailMerge365 has recognized in your file.

This would be an example of what a spreadsheet could look like:

Email Givenname Surname
alice@example.com Alice Springs
bob@example.com Bob Iger
charlie@example.com Charlie Smith

Warning: MailMerge365 does not support filters. Please switch off all Auto-filters and column filters before uploading. If you need to filter the file, copy the filtered results to a new empty spreadsheet before uploading to MailMerge365.

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