How do I uninstall/remove/delete the MailMerge365 plugin from Outlook?

For the quickest way to remove the MailMerge365 plugin, see the following instructions based on which Outlook version you are using:

(A) For Outlook on the Web (aka

  1. Start a new email 
  2. Open the extended menu
  3. Select "Get Add-Ins"

(B) For Outlook on the Desktop:

1. From the Outlook menu, select "Get Add-Ins"

Then for both cases the Add-Ins Manager will popup

1. From the Add-Ins Manager, select "My Add-Ins" and either find the MailMerge365 plugin in the list (or search for it using the search bar top right).

2. From the three dots menu for the MailMerge365 plugin, select "Remove".

This removes the plugin from your account. You can install the plugin again anytime and sign-in to your existing account.

If you would like to delete your account from MailMerge365 (not just the plugin), just send an email to and we'll take care of it.

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