Can I have a recipient more than once in a campaign source files / spreadsheets?

The same recipient multiple times in one campaign

Yes, you will receive a warning if you try uploading a source file where the same recipient appears more than once, but you can choose to ignore and send the campaign anyway. The recipient will receive multiple emails from you (depending on the number of times they appear in the spreadsheet). This feature can be useful if you need to send different email contents to the same recipient.

You can have the same recipient in a single spreadsheet up to 50 times.

Multiple recipients in one row

You can also add multiple email addresses to the "email" column of your spreadsheet by separating either with a comma or semi-colon. These rows will be split into seperate rows (one for each recipient) with the identical columns of that original row. An email will be sent to each individual recipient separately. This can save time if you want to send the same email contents to different recipients. Note that each email will count towards your total number of emails for that campaign.

You can have up to 50 recipients in a single email field.

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