Why is MailMerge365 not sending my attachment or why are attachments not appearing for certain recipients when I send a campaign?

In almost all cases attachment's not showing up are display issues rather than actual missing attachments. This guide will help you narrow this down.

1. First check if the MailMerge365 servers received your attachments. 

Go to your campaign dashboard.

  • Find the entry for your campaign and check if the status is "Campaign is being/has been sent". If not then we have not received your email yet. Please check your Inbox (also Junk Email/Spam folder) for an error message from MailMerge365. 
  • Next check if a little attachment symbol appears for your campaign. If you hover over the attachment icon you will see how many attachments and how many images were processed. If the icon did not appear then our servers did not receive your attachments. In this case please check your "Sent Items" for the campaign template email you just sent. The campaign template email is addressed to "something@campaigns.mailmerge365.com" (the something is a string of numbers and letters and forms the identifier for your campaign).

2. Check the Sent Items in Outlook on the Web

  • If you are not seeing the attachment symbol in your Sent Items on Outlook (for Windows or for Mac), try logging into Outlook on the Web (https://outlook.office.com) and checking the Sent Items there. The reason being that your Outlook client first synchronizes the email itself with the Microsoft servers, and then the attachments. So you may see the message without an attachment during synchronization and then later you will see the same message with the correct attachment. This is especially true for large campaigns or busy servers.
  • If you can see the attachment in the Sent Items on Outlook on the Web then the email was successfully sent with an attachment and the issue is a display issue.

3. You included yourself in the campaign and can't see the attachment 

If you included yourself or an email address you own in the campaign and are not seeing the attachment yourself, the reasons can be:

  • The same synchronization delay noted above also applies to you. So you can log in to Outlook on the Web (or the appropriate web site of the email you own) and check if the attachment appears there.
  • Sometimes your IT organization has set a policy that you cannot view attachments sent to yourself. This is rare, but a security precaution. In this case try sending to a different email address you own (e.g. Gmail) and check if that can receive/see the attachment.

4. You are getting feedback/replies from recipients that the email doesn't include an attachment

Is this recipient inside your organization?

  • Similar to above your IT organization may use security software or IRM (information rights management) software that restricts the viewing of certain attachments. Try sending to an external email address you own, but log in to that email from a different network (e.g. a phone that is not logged in to your company's WIFI).

Is the recipient using a different email provider?

  • Make sure that the recipient is not inside your organization's network (i.e. a colleague that is sitting in the same building but trying to access a GMail account), because in this case the IRM infrastructure of your organization will still apply and the attachment may be filtered this way.

5. None of these apply

If you have an example sent to an external email address that you verified is not showing the attachment outside of your organization's network, then please forward that email to help@mailmerge365.com and we will try and diagnose the issue.

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