Why is MailMerge365 not sending my attachment or why are attachments not appearing for certain recipients when I send a campaign?

Certain restrictions your IT organisation/administrator configures for your Microsoft 365 tenant can prevent attachments from being sent. Sometimes you will see different results for internal users and external users (or even different results depending on whether you're sending the campaign to yourself or to others.)

Try the following troubleshooting steps to determine what the specific issue is that you're having:

  1. Try sending the campaign to yourself but also to another external email address (e.g. a gmail.com, outlook.com). 
  2. Did the external address get the attachment but your internal address did not?
    1. The most common case here is that your IT administrator has configured your Microsoft 365 tenant to filter/block attachments that come from your own email address. This is usually for phishing or scamming prevention. In this case please contact your IT administrator or help desk to determine if this is the case.
  3. If both external and internal email addresses did not get the attachment, then please check your "Sent Items" folder for the emails corresponding to this campaign.
  4. There should be one email that goes to an address "...@campaigns.mailmerge365.com" and separate emails addressed to each recipient.
    1. Does the email address sent to the "...@campaigns.mailmerge365.com" address contain an attachment? If it does not but you are sure you attached a file, then please contact your IT administrator or help desk to reproduce the steps and figure out why outgoing attachments are being blocked. This is usually for security reasons (privacy or rights management).
  5. In the email to "...@campaigns.mailmerge365.com" contains an attachment, but the two emails to your internal and external both do not contain an attachment, then feel free to get in touch with our support as this would indicate an error in MailMerge365.
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