How do I add a clickable unique link to a mail merge campaign?

Add the complete unique link (or the unique part of the link) to your campaign spreadsheet. Let's assume that column is called "Link". 

Create a MailMerge365 campaign, upload the spreadsheet and in the email highlight the part of the text you want to add a link to and click link in the toolbar.

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In the link pop-up window type the name of the mail merge field (column in your spreadsheet) surrounded with brackets.

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This way each recipient will receive their personal link to their individual document.

If you are only adding a part of the link to the spreadsheet (e.g. "LinkID" that goes at the end of "") then in the "Insert Hyperlink" (or "Insert Link" in Outlook on the Web) dialog you add the text{{LinkID}} to create the full link when it is sent.

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