What are bounced mails or why does an email bounce?

What is a bounced email?

An email bounces if the email address is either incorrect, no longer exists or has been rejected by the recipient's email server. Most cases are misspelled email addresses or old contacts where the person no longer has an email address with that organisation. In rare cases the recipient's email server may classify your email as spam (or other malicious activity) and outright reject you sending to them. 

What can you do?

When MailMerge365 detects a bounced email we move that into the trash for you automatically and mark that email as "bounced" in your campaign. We can detect most bounces, but in some rare cases, email servers send a non-standard response (called a non-delivery report) and we can't detect it. These will go into you inbox just like any other response to your campaign.

If you are sure the email address is correct, you can:

  • check your trash for the corresponding non-delivery report (just search in "Sent Items" for the email address that bounced) and you will see why that particular email bounced.
  • send a new email to that email address (e.g. asking them if their email is still valid) and if the email bounces again you will see the non-delivery report directly in your inbox.
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