How do I forward an email message as attachment in Outlook for support purposes?

To aid in diagnosing support issues we may ask you to forward messages to our support email. Because a lot of diagnostic information is stored in the so-called "messages headers" we ask that you forward emails not as you would normally by pressing forward, but rather using a feature called "Forward as Attachment". This is available in all Outlook clients but the exact procedure depends on the version of the client you are using.

Forward as Attachment using Outlook Desktop Client (aka Outlook for Windows)

  1. Select the messages you would like to send us.
  2. From the ribbon menu select "More" (not simply "Forward")
  3. Then select "Forward as Attachment"
  4. A new compose window will open where you can add a message and send it to our support email.

Forward as Attachment using Outlook on the Web (aka

  1. Click on "New Message" to compose a new message.
  2. In the top right click the "Open in new window" button to open the message in a seperate window.
  3. Position the "inbox window" with the messages you would like to forward on the top left and the "compose window" on the bottom right.
  4. Compose your message as you would normally
  5. Drag and drop any emails from the "inbox window" to the "compose window" to add them there as attachments.

See here for a video demonstration:

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