Why is the MailMerge365 icon not showing up in Outlook?

When you compose a new email the MailMerge365 icon should appear either in the menu bar (Desktop Outlook) or in the Add-In bar (Web Outlook). If it does not please reinstall the plugin as described in out tutorial

Things to note:

  • The plugin must be installed for each account you are using in Outlook seperately.
  • The icon only appears when you are in composer mode (creating a new mail).
  • If you are on Mac and using "New Outlook" (currently in Beta therefore not widespread yet) there are some extra issues:
    • Enable "Optional Connected Experiences" in your privacy settings, which is required for Add-Ins to work
    • You may have to reinstall the plugin in this new mode.
    • The icon may be hidden behind the "3 dot" menu at the top of the window (instead of as in the older version at the bottom).
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