What format of spreadsheet columns does MailMerge365 accept for email campaigns?

Spreadsheet requirements

If you use a spreadsheet to personalize your email campaigns it needs to fulfil the following requirements:

  • File Format: You can upload an Excel (XLSX or XLS format) or CSV file for your campaign. Note: CSV files can be comma or semi-colon separated and text values should be qualified with double quotes.
  • Columns:
    • You can upload a spreadsheet with a maximum of 50 columns.
      • Only columns with a non empty header label (that is the first cell of the column at the top) are processed. 
      • If not all columns are showing up in the column selector make sure you don't have any hidden columns with empty headers because this would lead only columns up to that column being processed.
    • You can upload a spreadsheet with a maximum of 5000 rows.
      • Only rows with a non empty first cell are processed. Processing stops if an empty cell is encountered in the first cell. 
      • It is therefore recommended that your first column be the recipient columns.
    • The recipient should be in a column with a header label of "To" or "Email".
      • This column can be anywhere in the spreadsheet but only one column with a header label of "To" or "Email" is allowed per spreadsheet.
      • If you are using "Email" as your recipient column and have another "To" column in the spreadsheet (for example to denote the end of a time or date period) then rename the "To" field to "To-Date".
    • You can add multiple recipients to a single cell by separating them with a semi-colon
      • For example if the recipient cell contains "alice@example.com;bob@example.com" then the email will be sent with both those email addresses in the "To" field. 
    • You can add a column with a header label of "CC" 
      • Any email addresses in that cell will be added to the email as CC.
      • Note: you still required a primary recipient.

Using multiple recipients and CC recipients

  • Click and open tracking cannot uniquely identify which of multiple recipients (To or CC) opened or clicked the email if they are all contained in a single email.
  • Unsubscriber tracking will unsubscribe all recipients (To and CC) if a single recipient clicks on the unsubscriber link (because we cannot differentiate which user clicked).
  • Due to these drawbacks we strongly recommend disabling open, click and unsubscriber tracking for campaigns directed at multiple recipients.

Differences to older versions of MailMerge365

The behaviour described here has changed between different versions of MailMerge365:

  • In the past only one recipient per cell was allowed and putting multiple recipients in the cell resulted in multiple emails being sent, where now only a single email was sent.
  • In the past the recipient column had to be titled "EMail" and be the first column of the spreadsheet, this is now no longer necessary.
  • In the past CC columns were not supported.
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