How do I customize the style / font of mail merge personalization tokens?

MailMerge365 will adopt the styling you use in your email template for personalization tokens. But unfortunately sometimes Outlook messages with tokens and then the replacement text looks different to the rest. In this guide we will show you step-by-step how to format the personalization tokens correctly.

1. First type your text as you would normally and insert tokens either using the dropdown (or typing {{Spreadsheet Column}} - both approaches are work).

2. Next apply formatting by either:

Selecting the whole email text body and applying the formatting
Selecting the whole line and applying the formatting
Selecting the token itself but making sure you include the brackets

3. The resulting template email can now be sent

and will result in a formatted email being sent like this:

Please note:

  • Formatting of emails still depends on the Email client being used by the recipient. We strongly recommend not using a lot of formatting in your emails as this can look differently for a subset of your users. Also formatted emails have smaller open rates (as they are often regarded as email blasts/marketing on first glance) than plain emails.
  • The Preview feature does it's best to match the Outlook styling but only a test campaign can show you 100% results for each email client.
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