How can I avoid landing in Spam or Junk folders?

Emails are usually moved into Spam or Junk folders for three reasons:


As we send using your own Microsoft 365 tenant and Microsoft has high levels of making sure your technical settings are correct this is unlikely to be an issue. Only if you have been reported as Spam in the past, then your domain reputation may be impacted.

List Warmth

You should only send campaigns to people expecting your email and find value from it. This is called a warm list and is unlikely to result in people reporting your emails as Spam.

If you have not contacted your list in a while, your recipients may not know who you are anymore and not know where you got their email from. In that case explain it briefly at the beginning of your emails and don't hard sell anything straight away.

If you are cold emailing a list of emails (either purchased or scraped) note that this is Spamming and you will most likely be reported. Also it is against Microsoft's Service Agreement (see section "Code of Conduct") and can lead to your account and sending ability being impacted.


Last but not least Spam filters will check the content of your email for keywords or properties that are common amongst Spam senders. There is no 100% safe way of checking this but here are some guidlines:

  • Avoid more images than text. Don't send a promotional image of your recent flyer and only a small link to your website. 
  • Avoid images with a lot of text. Keep the images small and put the text in the body
  • Avoid promotional terms or expression. You can use a tool like Mailshake to analyze your content.
  • Avoid writing sentences in capital letters (e.g. CALL US IMMEDIATELY)
  • Avoid excessive punctuation marks (e.g. !!!! or !?!?!?)
  • Avoid attachments except image files. Not only does it annoy recipients if their email is clogged by unwanted attachments, it can cause your email to be quarantined for anti-virus measures.
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