How do I add a unique mail merge attachment (or personalized document or pdf) to a mail merge email campaign?

MailMerge365 doesn't support individual mail merge attachments as of yet, but our sister product available at (also available in the Office store) does offer this out of the box.

If you want to use individual attachments with MailMerge365 we offer the following workaround:

1. Individual Word mail merge documents

Create your Word mail merge as usual but follow these instructions to create individual documents for each recipients:

2. Upload to webserver

In order to make these file available as links on the web you need to upload the folder to you website. If you do not have access to your webserver please ask your IT department or IT administrator.

Each file should then be available at https://yourwebserver/xyz/customer01.pdf or similar.

3. Add to campaign

Use this guide to add the unique link to your email.

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