How can I add bounced emails to my unsubscriber list?

Sometimes an email in your campaign bounces. Read here on why this happens. It can often be useful to add those bounced recipients to your unsubscriber email list in order not to send them emails again which can affect your delivery rate if you continuously do so.

Manually adding bounced emails to your unsubscriber list

You can manually add any bounced recipient from your campaign dashboard using the little add icon:

Automatically adding bounced emails to your unsubscriber list

If you want all bounced emails to automatically be added to your unsubscriber list as soon as they happen, go to your account page, scroll to the bottom to the "Global Campaign Settings" and enable the setting.

Note: if you are sending large amounts of emails that are being rejected by recipients servers this may result in all your emails bouncing and enabling this setting will add them all to your unsubscriber list. Carefully monitor your campaign for such events.

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